Replenishing our Yalecrest Forest

Did you know that Yalecrest is considered to have the one of most extensive “forests” in the state?  Trees serve multiple purposes that add greatly to our lives; shade, house cooling, oxygen, property values and ambiance.  Our trees are a valued icon that draw visitors and new residents to our neighborhood.

Over the past few years, a large number of parkstrip trees contributing to our urban forest have died and/or been removed.

If you are interested in having the CITY plant a tree in your parkstrip,

1.  Use the following form to choose your desired tree specie based on 1) the width of your parkstrip, 2) presence of overhead wires, 3) desired size, and landscape/maintenace considerations.

City Parkstrip Tree Planting

You can view the description and photo of a mature tree at by clicking on the tree specie name written in blue font

2.  Request the desired tree online at

Fill out the form and click SUBMIT

OR by telephone

Urban Forestry  801.972.7818 (M-F  7:30 AM-4:00 PM)

and provide the following information: Name, address, type of service requested and Number of trees involved in service.