2017 Minutes- September 6

Yalecrest Community Council


Officer Josh Smith-brief introduction and responsibilities in the neighborhood. Most common crime related to properties/theft. Register bicycle. Traffic! 9th South incident- requires traffic study. Contact a Transportation engineer. 

Introductions, welcome Scouts!

University of Utah’s “Stop the Bleed” Kandra/ EMT/ student 

BeReadyUtah.gov-flyers available for emergency preparedness/car kits

Goal: Everyone educated to stop bleeding after an injury. You have 5 minutes to stop critical bleeding. Work related injuries, mass shootings, home injuries, motor vehicle and bombings. 

A-Alert (call 911 right away) 

B-Bleeding identification 



Blood spurting or pooling blood is very bad 

Direct pressure to stop the bleeding; tourniquet only used when pressure is not stopping the bleeding. Tighten until you see no more blood.