2017 Minutes- June 6

Yalecrest Neighborhood Council Meeting
June 6, 2017
Thank you to those who have served on the council. Time, council, effort, talents on behalf of
the YNC. Tracey and Robert will not be serving next year. We will miss you very much.
Chair report (see attachment)
Action item: inquire from residents the three questions from Robin
Treasurers Report: Loree Hagen
Loree started in October/November. Organizational learning curve. Established checks with two
signatures via University Credit Union. Balance is $388.23. City grant of $1,000 used to
purchase projector, signs and now remaining balance.
In kind donations of food (meet and mingle): $450
Awards/ceremony: $150
Advertising/Yard Sale: $1,250
Consider grants/blast for request for donation to the YNC.
Time: 260 + hours on Yard Sale alone.
Clearing up 990 form-waiting for 501-3c status. Federal government does not have that status
Yard Sale Report: Jenni Lloyd
More popular locations on busier streets with multiple sales going on. Established an identity
and mission of the YNC mission.
Stories: Student family raised enough money to purchase a zoo pass. Family raising over $700
for family members medical bills.
Sharing/generosity/PR for our Neighborhood.
Strong relationship with Utah Recycling Alliance (URA).
Next year:
Highlight non-profit sales on the map on color or put in one location
Coordinate with dump days
More PR/boost for URA
Food trucks
NEXT YEAR: May 12, 2018 from 9am to noon.
NOMINATIONS and results (led by Kelly White)

Chair: Robin Carbaugh
Vice Chair:
Jennie Lloyd: Moved to YC 17 years ago from Seattle. Kids can walk to school. PTA
president at Bonneville. First house on 900 S and 1400 E. Look at Keep Yalecrest Home
tour for oldest homes.
Rick Oliver: Moved in 1986; 1411 Laird Circle; their own wedding in the backyard. Uintah
through East High. Engineer-hydrolic systems for alt fuel. Play in two jazz bands.
Secretary: Karly Nielsen
Treasurer: Loree Hagen
Past chair: Lynn Pershing
*Secret ballet administered (cards on file)
Next meeting: August 2017
*Nelson Knight-State Historic dept. homeowners tax credit discussion. Next Tuesday, June 13th
at Foothill Anderson Library 7pm. Keep Yalecrest initiative.

Tim Cosgrove: Mayor’s liaison (new representative/replaced Moana). Child advocate from
Primary Children’s for 19 year. Ran for office 10 years state legislator to provide for kids health
and safety. Appreciates working for the mayor to build a city for everyone.
Phone: 801-535-7235
Cell: 801-598-8047
August 6th Tourof utah.com – Expect traffic impact.
Mayor’s signed a declaration to keep our city inclined with the Paris Agreement. Climate focus in