2017- December 6

Tim Cogsroff- Climate positive 2040 report; 21 million dollars for Affordable housing in the city.
200 S/State St and old Quality Inn on West Temple. Mayor’s Clothing drive kick off (new socks,
new underwear, lightly used or new jackets and gloves. 2017 Human Rights Day Celebration
12/9/17 6-9pm.
Lynn Pershing- Historic element about Laird Park. 1800 E 1185 S, 1.75 acres. Originally owned
by LDS church 1947 land swap for Bonneville Glen/Stake Center. Miller Park was originally 8.75
acres (currently about 4 acres). First 1935 Minnie Miller donation of 2.37 acre + Salt Lake City
3.9 + Building Co. Most popular park for families in our city! Small multiple soccer fields for
younger kids. Softball field. Neighborhood events-Halloween, Easter Egg, Movie Night, lots of
park benches and picnic tables. Water fountain. Hayley donation corner. Lots of trees. Name?
Laird Ave bumps into it. Where did street name come from? Originally Edith Ave. Edward Laird
renamed the street. 1908 he built a subdivision. Part of Willy Handcart Co. Camping in Park
City. Found silver nugget. Mountain Dell. Married Valeria Ann Flint. Sheep farmer. Owned water
rights of Parleys Canyon. Purchased lumber companies. Ashton Co-built part of Yalecrest
neighborhood. Snelgrove Ice Cream company.
Current status of Laird Park:
Bruce-Engineering +450,000 to redo playground resurfacing in 13 parks. Industry safety
standard-ATSB. PIP rubber out lived its life. Sand on top also removed. Wood chips installed.
Kyle- creative replacement of sand. Understand the mixing concern and need for shade.
Revised sandbox bigger than the previous one. Two more trees planted.
Concern from neighbors over wood chips-not Community application for CIP. Capital
Improvement Program. Proposed change.
FYI: Sunnyside Steiner 950,000 pump replacement?? Boiler too? City property owner. County
Dark Sky presentation by Robyn. DarkSkySLC.org
University of Utah study. Professors at the U and around the world. Utah is an important dark
sky place-national parks and their stars. Bryce Canyon-Dark Sky Ranger. Urban adjacent parks-
North Fork Park (Eden, UT) and Antelope Island State Park. Dark Sky=Astronomical Wonder.
Artificial light affects dark sky. Light pollution. Human caused. Brightening the night sky. Scale 1-

  1. 1 being a dark sky site.
    Reasons: Human health (circadian clock or sleep/wake cycle); too much artificial light can
    impact negativity pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, hypothalamus
    Safety- more light=safer places? Myth. Shadows. Black out curtains keep others from looking
    out and keeping community safe.
    Estimated 3.3 billion wasted annually in the US from misdirected light. Impacts releases 21
    million tons of carbon dioxide per year. Animals are also impacted by lack of dark skies.
    Estimated 1 billion songbirds lost/die to aviation collision confusion every year.

Kelvin color temperature scale chart. 1,000 K (candle) to 10,000K (blue sky).
Blue light is bad for you-light from screens. Shuts off melatonin. LED 2700-7000 K.
Lights on only when you need them. Motion sensing, fully shielded, warm white.
Consider light filter (to move light down to street and not up in the sky). Sale these (fundraiser)
and right bulb color.
9th South asked for Cobra lights to be removed. City will not take them out. Residents in charge
of own lights. Not always replacing bulbs.
University of Utah observatory 8pm every Wednesday-when it is a clear night.