2017- April 5

Yalecrest Neighborhood Council
Yalecrest Neighborhood Yard Sale-Jennie Lloyd
Coming up on 5/13/17
9am to 2pm
Each household decides what they sale and where those proceeds go. Register online,
interactive map, free.
*Do KSL add
*Partnering with Utah Recycling Alliance. Set up at East High to accept hard to recycle items.
Drive through east high parking lot to drop off to various stations.
*Student services will host a table about their student services and needed items
*Sherri Gibb-Clever Octopus Creative Reuse Center
*Boys and Girls Club donation
*12 zones to deliver end of next week, please volunteer
*New Instagram account, people can tag to create hype/items for sale
*Yalecrest Community celebrating their anniversary since conception
*Jane Jacob’s famous community organizer-walk to celebrate benefits of organic community
*Miller Park event bio-blitz
*Food truck or gathering spot during day of event
Salt Lake Parks and Public Lands Assessment
Comprehensive city wide survey to plan for the next 20 years. Already had 750 participate
encouraging more to engage. April 26/27th workshops you can learn more. Surveys in Spanish
and English. Funds to create master plan. Make budget plans and requests based on needs
*Laird Park update-ADA accessible/wood chips/sandbox
Salt Lake City Fire Department
Station 10 (Research Park)
Interact in a non-emergency situation
Community Newsletter, importance of Spring cleaning-hoarding can create more of a fire
hazard. 15th East to 15th South/up to the mountain. Ready set go. Protect your home from wild
fires. www.slcfire.com
University of Utah Presentation
Chris Hill- University of Utah director of athletics (37 years+)
Johnathan Bates- Housing/Real Estate Administration for University of Utah (10 properties)
Background: Over 10 years exploring baseball stadium. 2015 stadium balance with Bee’s
stadium/schedule. Baseball program needed competition/training on-site. Didn’t involve
neighbors in 2015 for survey for field/location. Selected independently. Guardsman Way
selected first-explored land that the University already owned. Twelve sites down to 5. With
Site Evaluation:
Compatible with campus master plan’s guiding principles for future development
Site Build-ability
Site and size orientation

Site access
Zoned near athletic facilities
Schedule availability
Public transportation
Facility expansion ability
Charlie Luke: East bench programmable; zoning other than open space is very difficult to
change. Lack of community space. The 5 zones are university owned, not obliged to follow city
zoning or master plan. After 28 years we now have a revised plan in place.
Thus far the University has communicated with city 30 ft wide by 400 ft long. Meet with the city 2
or 3 times. City encouraging university to involve community and do like kind exchange or pay
33 ft wide property. Option 1 (purchase city land/better looking) or 2 (without city purchase,
make do with what they have).
Concerns about current uses of land (pee-wee lacrosse
Lights and sound system
24 games a year between March-1st week of May. Depends on TV schedule. About 1/3 of them
6pm to 10pm-ish. 20 fall days of practice; all spring
Will it be used for other things? Artificial grass-maybe high school games.
Will be used for baseball practices and games
Note the stadium is further than 5 minutes away from trax station
Concerns to 3,500 seats
Traffic concerns-commenter traffic at peak times (school children walking around)
University trying to encourage TRAX/public transportation
Lost of 17 acres of open space to Roland Hall; 4 acres to This is the Place parking. Lost part of
Miller Park.
Decimal ratings at Bee’s Miller Park games sound level 80 decimals (music and
Practicing will continue as in… change in games being held on site.
Baseball site considered open space
Tailgate lot owned by a trust-parking and daycare only allowed. Use agreement.
Walk up music very loud
University asking for feedback to minimize impact of community
Robin proposing Huntsman location “site D”–nearer to Trax and students. Less impact on our
neighborhood. Proposing leave space open and available to the community
Put into perspective it is a ball park; not a stadium. Positive to have walkability to baseball
Games played not during class time
University given their best shot, factoring in university needs and community needs
University and city relationship positive. There is no control over city to university.