2016- September 8

Yalecrest Community Council
Changing the bylaws to separate secretary and treasurer role. One to track money and a
second focusing on communication and notes. Vote next month.
Visiting Guests/presenters:
Jennifer Reid-University of Utah auxiliary services for 20 years; director; university student
Charlie Luke-Nov 2015 re-elected district 6th SLC Council; professional work and media;
residential services; Wilson Ave 10 years
Paul Henderson-veteran Air Force e4 k9 police; valor apts; housing
Dan Nakerman- Exec director Housing Authority of Salt Lake City; 30 years; 3,200 housing
authorities; multi-family housing
Housing overview:
Federal Programs:
Tax-credit housing-60% median income or lower
Public housing-diminishing 30% income to pay rent
Section 8 (rental assistance); private landlords; 30-40% of income; federal government covers
the rest (80% median)
1/2% of U.S. Household receive rental assistance
1/3 disabled receive rental assistance
Over 60% of rental assistance households work
Average Stay for 6.8 years (12 for seniors)
1,200 rent new; rent $815; tenant $135
Subsidized rents lifted 2.8 million households out of poverty in 2014
30% population are renters (low for the US)
Ave social security payment/month $758
30% of AMI=$20,981
6,600 household on HASLC wait lists
Takes $48,599/year to afford 3 bedroom
Renters avg rate $12.39/hour
Homeless Housing:
3 levels: emergency shelter; prevention shelters and permanent supportive housing (housing
first). Regional goals: start with new shelters (modern).
HASLC Overview:
3,200 HA’s in US
HUD funded
House almost 9,000 people
Arms-length city appointed commission
$36 million budget
107 employees

Assist city and county in homeless response
Image and outreach
Customer/external focus
New projects: Taylor Garden, Elevator Rehab; 9th Lofts
Crime policy changes
National and local influence
Neighborhood mixing
Paul: 1995 living in Gardner, MT. Ended up in Salt Lake City at age 42 for open heart surgery.
Housing authority gave placement. Sunrise Metro Apts, within a week-saved his life. People is
Salt Lake care.
Charlie: Affordable housing and homelessness; chronic homelessness (less than 10%; most
visible; drug addictions, mental health, etc). City is working on the less than 10% and Affordable
housing issues or fall in and out.
Myth: all Affordable housing on the west side.
City does not invest in Affordable housing. RDA (real development agency)/city council
members: Taxing authorities. Example: Sugarhouse. New: State and Main. Money from tax
increment has to be spent in that geographical area (expect for housing).
Spread the affordable housing around the city. Most affordable housing in affordable areas
(factoring in land value).
Incentivize developers to build for affordable housing.
Inclusionary zoning- careful how it is implemented to keep developers in Salt Lake and not exit
to build in other cities
Stuck with emergency shelters if you don’t have next level shelters for residents to transition
into. Salt Lake is doing well with emergency shelters and ask other city’s to take on affordable
housing options (Salt Lake bear the most difficult group).
Jenn: University Student Apartments (a community for non-traditional students, staff and their
families) Started in 1960; full with a waiting list. Connor Road home for faculty; south and north
medical tower for graduate students.
Undergrad: 471 students
Graduate: 627
Staff/faculty (post-docs; visiting scholars): 144
Children/dependents: 563 (93% are 12 and under)
International: 41% of the residents (1/2 of those are Chinese)
Short-term lease (30 days)
70 acres
1,294 trees
65 buildings
Student staff-4
Part time staff-34
Full time-54
Student staff-39
Positive feedback:

Mission focused staff
Negative feedback:
Aging facilities
Price going up; w/o updates
mold; bugs, smells; colored water; no a/c units
$600-1,000/month and includes all utilities (water, cable, Internet, electrical, etc).
Resident Life (events and community centers; 200-300 garden plots)
10 years remaining-plumbing is a major problem. Utility infrastructure study-phased manner.
Committed to family housing; whether that will remain is unknown.

9 line through housing
Rebuild housing
Valor house in our neighborhood
University housing: need phase in and phase out of new buildings
There is no count on homelessness (best guess)
Elect officials to create stability in peoples lives with affordable housing
Support veterans by opening your heart and be a good human being
Pay attention to what is going on-siting of locations for shelters (how many and size; proposal
for 2 emergency shelters)