Urgent 2022 Community Issue

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UPDATE: January 13, 2022 YNC public meeting with Salt Lake City Public Lands Department officials
Read the meeting minutes here
View the presentation by Cooper Farr of Tracy Aviary

Several troubling issues have been discovered in the Miller Bird Refuge and Nature Park and we’re asking Yalecrest residents to voice their opinions in two ways: (1) through an online survey on this page (2) and/or during our next YNC meeting.

A document outlining these issues was sent to Salt Lake City officials on December 21, 2021, with the invitation to discuss them in a community forum at the January 13, 2022 YNC meeting at 7 p.m. via Zoom. 

Among the concerns:

  • The removal of hundreds, perhaps even 1,500+ or more trees from the park
  • The failure to replant new trees or vegetation over an 8-year period
  • Low or no water flow in the summer affected by a water rights dispute and adjudication
  • Uncertainty about the health and vibrancy of the bird population
  • A non-functioning or poorly maintained sprinkler and irrigation system
  • Use of poisonous herbicides and chemicals not recommended for a bird refuge

Please read the document carefully and express your comments.

Read the recap of the YNC meeting with City officials at Miller Park, Nov. 22, 2021

Friends of Miller Park

In the 1980s, the Yalecrest neighborhood formed the Miller Park Committee, a citizens oversight group. Based on comments as well as suggestions received from Yalecrest residents, the Yalecrest Neighborhood Council wants to re-create the spirit of that early group and form the “Friends of Miller Park.” The committee would be charged with maintaining the historical and environmental integrity of Miller Bird Refuge and Nature Park. This will be accomplished through public awareness, occasional clean-up projects, bird watching, vegetation and tree plantings, and educational outings in the park.