2018 Minutes- June 6

YNC 6/6/18 

Robin Carbaugh appreciation to serve. Mission from the 1982. Support people and place (park like environment). Positive/neighborly. Combat neighborhood deterioration; city beautification; preserve and improve residential area. 

Chairs report: Mission focused- keep us grounded and focused. Establish boundaries. Highlight the name, “Neighborhood” verses community. 

Say YES as much as possible. Participatory organization. I can listen, connect, share ideas. Not necessarily fix or solve each problem. 

Address areas of interests; neighborhood topics; meet and mingle 

Alignment/balance between board and the other groups (UofU; city, East High, Roland High, etc) 

Board support to be ethical/non-profit. Represent chair or ask others to help -Salt Lake wildfire committee -City and County work sessions -Taxes -Housing (ADU) -Budget -SuperFund site 1600 E to 1300 E/Sunnyside to Michigan; 2010 oil spill -University of Utah big neighbor to our community -Salt Lake Mayors Office Salt Lake City Parks and Nature meetings Yard Sale Day and celebration Salt Lake City school district Mt. Oliver cemetery Roland Hall Pingree School 

Serve our mission and not as centered in attendance, quality verses quantity. We have around 1,483 households. 10 meetings/year – AUG: Yalecrest and parks (Uniquely Yalecrest-history thread); SEPT: Stop the Bleed (trauma surgeons to help community members prevent blood loss-from shootings or OCT: Miller Park Bird Refugee damage/rain storm update NOV: Road Safety/Safe School Routes; Community involvement: 9th South bike jumps; neighborhood art (Rose Park-traffic calming and neighborhood identity) DEC: night sky’s FEB: East High School-changes and inputs in the neighborhood MAR: Community wildfire protection plan APR: Rep Brian King and Ado to summarize legislation recap and answer questions (inland 


– MAY: Mayor representative Chief of Staff and other city personal JUN: Annual review and voting 

Opportunities: continue developing as an organization, tools and talent with the people in our neighborhood. Bring forth stronger relationships, evolve as a neighborhood. Dis-investment compromises the organization. Changes in Pingree School, East High, Roland Hall. Environment with climate and air, SuperFund. 

Continue to work on/Ideas: banners to identify the neighborhood; support our parks; safe and complete streets (to make it to school); Yard Sale day; public safety. Share message that there are no fireworks. Develop SAFE schools-at our public schools in the event of disaster. 

Review of Extended CompStat Report Invite NextDoor App 

*Communication *Committees *Meet and Mingle *Steiner-phase 3 to build our community center (basketball, meeting room, senior center, library, cafeteria (like Millcreek center). Privately funded. Ann Guarando new appointed. Jim Webster 

hits/misses OR positive/negative 

Dan: +fire meeting -get the word out-invite others and website (webcast the meetings) Constance: +meeting city people -neatness of neighborhood Kelly: +handle the Laird park incident -get more word out Other: +health and safety Other: +more attendance Red: +meet and greet -encourage more to attend/more signs Steve: +dark skies -nothing Brian: +well informed and mostly respectful participants/nice atmosphere -turnout Scott: new, come to get info Karly: +build community -meeting time too long Robin: +represent different ideas/purposeful meeting agenda -East High agenda 

Kelly White: Elections Chair: Karly Nielsen Co-Vice: Rick Oliver Co-Vice: Secretary: Dan Ricks Treasurer: Immediate past chair: Robin Carbaugh 

Method of voting: Acclimation 

1st: Robin 2nd: Steve 11 yes/0 no/ 0 abstained